Holy Week and Easter Services 

Sunday, March 25

10:00 am Palm Sunday

Carolyn to Preach. No “Conversations” this week

Thursday, March 29

6 pm. Maundy Thursday meal and service.  Please sign up for salad and pita meal on the sheets in the narthex.  

Friday, March 30th – Good Friday

10 am Joint Service with Lakeview United Church.  The service will begin at Lakeview United and then we will walk to St. Laurence for the second part of the service. Those not walking can drive and/or sit in prayer at St. Laurence and wait for the procession to arrive. 

Sunday, April 1st.  Easter Day.  10 am Service

Who are the folks at St. Laurence?

St. Laurence is a vibrant, welcoming and inclusive Anglican community. We are theologically progressive and intellectually challenging. We practice a renewed and compassionate Christian spirituality to deepen our experience of God. And we share this path with others as a response to the growing hunger for meaning and hope in our world.

“We are a spunky, open-minded Anglican community. We love to ask questions, experiment with new things and through the www.wisdomcentre.ca contribute to the larger conversation about how to renew and revitalize Christian life in the 21st century.” The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, Rector.

Sunday Services are every Sunday at 10 am. Details about upcoming Sundays can be found on our Services page.

All Welcome!  

What to expect on a Sunday at St. Laurence.What to expect on Sunday

Sunday worship at St. Laurence is at 10 am and usually lasts about an hour. We are a Eucharistic community so almost every Sunday the service follows a general pattern of opening hymn and welcome, Bible readings and sermon, prayers, offertory hymn and then Eucharist and closing hymn. During the sharing of the Eucharist the congregation stands in a circle around the altar platform to receive the bread and wine. 

When you arrive at St. Laurence you will be greeted and given a bulletin or hand-out that outlines the service and has all the speaking parts for the congregation written in it. It also indicates… (read more)